black cow goodies

this is my new baby. seven spice shop's new partner. since i am home based and a homebaker. i finally decided to launch a soft opening of my black cow goodies.

why black cow? i didn't want to use brown cow because that is a drink. i even saw a recipe for black cow drink which is similar to brown cow, and i think its better. rootbeer, chocolate syrup and ice cream. yummeeehhh! at first i wanted to call it, black cow pastries, but it doesn't really match. a chef friend told me, just use goodies instead. and so i did.

i didn't want to use seven spice shop for my baked goodies since that is only exclusive in supplying herbs and spices and teas and extracts and flavorings and cake stands.

so i made another affiliate, hence, now born, black cow goodies.

i made another site too for it and multiply has been a very good tool for marketing.

i made the logo just yesterday. and got a few feedbacks which is better. and that is the better logo. i am still waiting for my artist friend to finish all the logos i am asking from him. and hopefully before he comes back here in manila, it will be done. hehehehe!

i am offering 7 goodies, for now.

panna cottas, brownies, assorted cookies, letter cookies, fruit tarts, cheesecake pops, banana muffins.

it very heartwarming too that i am welcomed and got great homebaker friends to motivate me more to pursue this homebaking business.

thanks to all who greeted me and for continuing supporting seven spice shop.

and this sunday, a friend of mine and i will get a booth beside our church. this will be my first to really market my stuff out loud to the public. and alot of people goes to our church. i hope many will taste and buy my black cow goodies!

:) say MOOOOOOO for lots of goodies!
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