before the first ever..

first ever sunday sale, i was super busy preparing and finding time to really plan out what i will be doing to my booth.

i recently got in touch with our church's office and inquired how can my friend and i get a booth to sell some products. and there is a contract up to june that we will be selling every sunday. we can sell whatever we like. let me talk about the sunday sale later.

let's talk about what i have been cooking and doing. we ate at Max's recently. and that restaurant is such a feel good place. simple yet they have the best pinoy fried chicken that we all love.
my son and i joined my aunt who is from the US to eat our lunch there.

then i made honey buns. i got the recipe from happy home baker, it was ok, but then again, i wasn't really feeling it. i should do more breads soon. i should find time to focus on making bread.

we had kare kare (ox stew with vegetables and peanut sauce) also. with my uncle's bagoong (shrimp paste) very very good. nice home cooked meal.

than i bought sisig (grilled pig's face sauteed in onions and garlic and spices). don esteban's. it's a little joint along west avenue, quezon city. i have been wanting to taste their food. because their from lucban, quezon. and the sisig was very fine, crunchy fine. good buy for 120 pesos. and so many of it was served. that was really a fine lunch yesterday.


Hornsfan said...

Sounds like you've had some very tasty food lately - enjoy and good luck at the booth!

Tangled Noodle said...

Good luck with the sale! And I want some of that sisig!

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