5 months passed

Due to my laziness, I forgot to update and check my blog since December 2010. My grandfather recently passed away and I haven't really been paying attention to everything around me.

Real statement: I am such an addict in micro blogging in my Tumblr and on Facebook.

I should go back to writing. I have a new "mentor", that's what I call him nowadays. He's been supportive in terms of my photography and the way I see things. I can't still say he's a gift from heaven, however I am learning a lot from him. Thank you, you know who you are.

I should be writing about the best group there is in the entire universe. I started writing on paper, though I should be writing it here. I'll make one entry about that. The history where it all started.

Recently, we started shooting my tattoo artist, Butch Rosca, about his works and life. We are going to be working on his AVP soon. I can't wait to work and practice my skills in editing and making story board and writing.
Although it's a bit wrong timing, because I have no help. I am a slave at my own home and there will be a big adjustment for my son because he's transferring now to a bigger school that will paved his way until high school. I don't think I will be transferring him anymore. That would be another orientation. I want consistency.

There were so many trips, shoots, and happy endings for the past 5 months. Now it's time to get serious, i guess. I will be more active in here, bringing back the habit. A better habit.

I am so grateful for the half year of my 2011. I have met a lot of people, establishing myself in photography, intensifying my portfolio,and just grabbing the opportunities that makes me exceptionally happy.

Should I say countless writings coming soon?

To sum it all up in photos what happened during the past 5 months...

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