here goes my first street


i was bored. and it was monday. got nothing to do besides take care of my son and do housechores. i was, surprisingly, invited by a great photojournalist. and so i went. took a jeep. arrived at the church. witnessed his passion on what he does best. i said to myself, am i really here? i don't even think i was worthy to be with him that day. i look up to this man for years. he enouraged me to take shots. and so i did.
thank you.
thank you for opening me to this candid activity.
i was like a little child having her first ever field trip.
so it's not only food i take or make. but also this.
another interesting kind of photography to explore.
more street to come.
i can't wait.


resigned. reworked. relive. rest.

here i go again. trying hard to put something in here. i have been lazy, like a zombie.

well, i've been busy with so many things. being a single mom is hard work but worth it.

i resigned my assisting job in the culinary school i have graduated from. it has been rewarding for me to work with the best chefs in the country and students who have tremendously appreciated what i helped them and to those who became my close friends and played an important role in my stay at the school. even if i torture them. hahaha! i had fun and will surely miss the school.
but it is time for me to move on and get it on with my career. i really want to be in a real kitchen. honestly, i have no ultimate kitchen work experience yet. and i have been passed on for so many years, not that i'm saying i wasted time, but this is the time now for me to get it. culinary arts is at its peak here in the country and everybody is so into it. and so the search is on. i have been dreaming about this.

me, alessa (student), noreen(student), chef sean(my brah!)

anyways, i am still currently doing food styling and even photography.

my breakfast banana split

i have been recently developing recipes for a website. i hope you can check it out, Anchor Recipes, its been pleasant working with them. and i can't believe that for the first time, it gave me a boost on my confidence that random people, i don't even know, appreciated my recipes. i am very thankful for that. if you can also check out my portfolio site, which isn't that ready yet, Isi's Online Portfolio, but most of my work are at my Flickr.

and since i am back working at home, my spices and flavoring extracts are selling again. i'm starting getting food orders too, for small groups.

resting and being fulltime with my son has been a delightful experience once again. researching and browsing new things over the net and an addict on plants vs. zombies is my past time for now.

hoping by july, i will gain kitchen work, back to where i belong.
i can't wait to cook for alot of people.
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