singing bee from anna bananna's online bakeshop

one of my closest FHO member, well became a friend who i can call anytime haha, is anna. she owns
anna bananna's online bakeshop in multiply.

she brought at our last meet up her super showbuzzzzz, as in aired at singing bee show in abs-cbn, her singing bee cupcakes! pretty cool and cute eh?

she gave me two pieces already since i told her i want souvenir of the cupcake itself! i even told her, good thing she's already my friend before she became famous because of her singing bee cupcakes! hahahaha!

and then at our second
FHO meet up recently, i won the singing contest! as if i have a good voice! that videoke is lying! i got a 90! hahahaha! i sang rainy days and mondays by the carpenters. but then i gave out the other 5 singing bee cupcakes to fellow FHO members, i just got the best one among them. since i already got two from anna.

anna is a genius! she knows alot of baking tips and baking stuff i don't even know. she used to be a resource person, and now she has become our resource person for practical tips in baking in our group. not only she can do these inspired singing bee cupcakes but alot more, from cupcakes, to cakes, to cookies, and more baked goodies to choose from. visit her online bakeshop at multiply please!

thanks so much anna for this! hopefully we will become business partners int he near future! nax!

anna bananna's online bakeshop
by Anna Alconaba 09204721137

her best sellers:
Better Than Sex Brownies
Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies
Chocolate Banana Cake with chocolate glaze
Chunky Banana Streusel cake

chipper cupcakes

since i have been a principal member of FHO-Filipina Homebakers Online group in multiply. (well, just today i am part of the admin group! YEY!) i have tasted so many baked goods and so many good food from fellow filipinas around the metro, and from other provinces too. and some of them are really really really good at it.

during our first ever meet up, i finally met PJ, she actually was the first one i met online thru Flickr. she emailed me back about her wonderful cupcake creations. and from there, she then invited me to be part of her upcoming group in multiply, which is now FHO.

PJ is the owner of chipper cupcakes. and it was during our first meet up that we tasted her chai cupcakes. and it was the best one among all the baked goods i got to take home that day! and i even ordered for more. i was once disappointed when she forgot to bring my order when we met due to her cake stand order she made from me. but then again, as she promised, she brought 6 pieces of those chai cupcakes for me at our second meet up which was held recently. and up to now i am still munching those six chai cupcakes slowly. i still got two pieces in the ref. and it is still so yummy!

it is so light and the cream cheese topping really matches with the chai cake. PJ got so much to offer and not only these chai cupcakes are in store for you. better check out her sites.

my son loves it too. well, whatever i eat, he eats too. so i really eat healthy so my son would eat like me. but then again, craving for too much sweets like these, i really can't resist! PJ's chai cupcakes are one of my favorite finds since i saw it!

chipper cupcakes
a different cupcake experience by PJ Mariano 09178667128
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