the last time i blogged was october 2009. i feel sorry for myself. i secluded myself from my own blog.

anyways, it's been so busy at work and it's been time consuming. december was a hell month of non stop working, non stop christmas parties and our christmas hongkong trip and my son's 4th birthday.

i have so much to say, but i am so lazy to type.

ok, first off, i am still working for ISCAHM, my used to be culinary school. and i have been there for almost 9 months. still taking care of my son, who just turned four years old. and still entertaining customers from my seven spice shop. i have been jogging after work. and i have been hanging out with my best friend(godmother of my son) more often than before. i also have been catching up with old friends and its been good.

year 2010, is i think a deciding year for me to find a better place to work, to find more clients for my food styling/food photography and to be able to gain more culinary experience.

i want to share more of my photography here. the later part of 2009, i have been hanging out with a few good photographers from this flickr group called, flickristaindios. they have been very nice and supportive not only of how i am in my food photography, but also for the food i bring to our get togethers.

i actually started on black and white photography, and i have been wanting to go to a photography class, and i think black and white photography class is what i have been waiting for. i haven't gone to any class except my friend, ricky ladia's food lighting workshop. and i have been his food stylist for the past three workshops and it's been great.

i got a big break from a big client. i will be doing food styling for a big client. which i never done before. and i hope this will bring in more experience and exposure for me and my work. and this will be a year long shooting of food and styling of food. and i am very thankful for this.

i need to travel this year. i want to travel this year. and i hope i can.

thanks for those who are still checking out my blog even if lazy-me haven't updated this for the last few months of 2009.

let's see what's more of evil & demented little cooker girl this 2010.
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