mama day bake day

somebody ordered a cake from me today. it was supposed to be a two layer cake, with fresh strawberries filling and more whipped cream, then again, she ended up getting one layer.

so i made the other layer for my mom.

and it also had whipped cream that i now want to eat when i watch a dvd later. fresh strawberries. and those ladyfingers.

upon writing this, they're munching munching it all away.

since i have a cake "debt" to my mom, her previous birthday, i told her not to eat the cake i made for her, it was only for display, that wasn't a good birthday cake. harharhar
and so now this is the payment.

i also made a few loaves of banana walnut and banana chocochip and chewy cookies with white choco, choco chips, and walnuts too.

happy mama day to all


my last weekend...

...to be a stay at home mom

i will be working starting monday at my previous school.
this assistant job was offered to me three years ago, after i gave birth and it came back.
as i have planned, when my child goes to school, this coming june he will be in nursery, i will go back to work.

and i am going to back to the workforce now.

i'll miss a lot. especially my child. but this is all for him.

i'll miss blogging and being online. but i will surely update here.

thanks to all who has been there for me for the past 3 years, and up to now supporting me and loving me
:) to all the new friendships i got along the way and the mothers i met.

advanced happy mothers day to me and to my mom, to my grandmom, and to all my aunts, to all mothers out there!

the cookies we love and the new chocolate craze

godivaaaaaaaa!!!!! i want godivaaaaaaaa!!!!

hongkong has been the number one place my mom and my dad goes to everytime they got the time. we used to get our supplies for our business there, when it was still under the british government, and now we still do, since we still got contacts there. of course, my mom knows all the good shops and good eats.

throughout the years my mom has been bringing goodies back home. and one of them is millie's cookies. and these bread stuff from this bakery called regina's. and of course royce and this chocolate that my mom and i jokingly quarrel because we don't want to give it back to her. this little can of godiva chocolate pearls. and they're pearls all right. it's like i will finish this little can in no time. hahahaha! but i have to take it one at a time, or else, i will be craving for this every single day. i actually don't know what to do when they're all gone. and my mom only got two little cans.

millie's cookies
is so so so so heavenly good! chewy chewy chewy cookies! just how i love cookies! been saving these cookies beside my bed hahahahahaa!

millie's cookies
also got the yummiest huge muffins that we love too! you know that you are getting the best of your money from these goodies! my mom dreams that i can do the same cookies from my oven. let me try that soon. and i hope i can achieve it!

love their cookie packaging!

these are the only favorite cookies we got! the 3 favorites!

double chocolate
raspberry & white (these are my fave!!!!)
toffee choco

millie's cookies may be found at the hongkong airport.

Millie’s Cookies

7E161 Level 7

Passenger Terminal Building

HK International Airport

royce chocolates, regina's and a few more other bakeries that got so much goodies can be found at ocean terminal, even bread talk has a big stall there now.

the goodies from regina's

this is the only thing i love about hongkong. shopping and food tripping!!!
i hope we can go back again. and i am craving for jade garden's rice toppings!!!
the suckling pig and that asado! (bbq roasted pork)!


my third sunday sale & the sponge cake

baked goods! lemon bars, cookies,blueberry muffins, brownies with walnuts

bagoong alamang (shrimp paste), rellenong bangus (stuffed milkfish)

third sunday sale-we sold a lot! :)
see you all again this coming sunday! the 4th sale! we might sell some filipino dishes

i am very proud of my sponge cake. i finally found a recipe who loves me!!!! i have been using different recipes. and testing and testing and testing. and now this. looks good eh?

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