mama day bake day

somebody ordered a cake from me today. it was supposed to be a two layer cake, with fresh strawberries filling and more whipped cream, then again, she ended up getting one layer.

so i made the other layer for my mom.

and it also had whipped cream that i now want to eat when i watch a dvd later. fresh strawberries. and those ladyfingers.

upon writing this, they're munching munching it all away.

since i have a cake "debt" to my mom, her previous birthday, i told her not to eat the cake i made for her, it was only for display, that wasn't a good birthday cake. harharhar
and so now this is the payment.

i also made a few loaves of banana walnut and banana chocochip and chewy cookies with white choco, choco chips, and walnuts too.

happy mama day to all


Tangled Noodle said...

You are such a gifted baking fiend! Love all of this.

isi said...

thanks so much dear

Anton said...

Hi Isi,

Ang galing. I love the food shots, it looks delicious...


Hornsfan said...

Beautiful cake!!

My Taste Heaven said...

Can I order with you and you courier to me ? :)

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

hi kuya anton! thanks so much for dropping by!

evil and demented little cooker girl said...


thanks so much!

evil and demented little cooker girl said...


let's see if it will stay the same as this when it arrives to your doorstep! haha
:) thanks thanks

goodfor2 said...

the cake looks marvelous

Coffee and Vanilla said...

I adore this strawberry cake :)
By the way, thank you for linking to my blog, I also added your blog in "from all over the World" section.


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