my last weekend...

...to be a stay at home mom

i will be working starting monday at my previous school.
this assistant job was offered to me three years ago, after i gave birth and it came back.
as i have planned, when my child goes to school, this coming june he will be in nursery, i will go back to work.

and i am going to back to the workforce now.

i'll miss a lot. especially my child. but this is all for him.

i'll miss blogging and being online. but i will surely update here.

thanks to all who has been there for me for the past 3 years, and up to now supporting me and loving me
:) to all the new friendships i got along the way and the mothers i met.

advanced happy mothers day to me and to my mom, to my grandmom, and to all my aunts, to all mothers out there!

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