*as a member of FHO, i am promoting this to share the love this christmas season. i am sorry but i won't be able to go at our event due to a family event at tagaytay. wish i could man our booth and go to whitecross and bilibid. but i will be donating gift baskets to the two beneficiaries. this will be an on going project of our group. we will be doing this every year in order to give our love to others. we are a group not only gives love and passion about baking and cooking but also in giving and supporting and helping those in need.*
*to mercedes of petite patisserie, thank you very much for organizing this event for us! really really glad you are a part of FHO!*

PLEASE SUPPORT!!! thank you!!!
Filipina Homebakers Online (FHO) invites you to our FHO Bakesale for the Benefit of Bilibid Prison and White Cross Orphanage!We will have a booth at the Ateneo Alumni Grand Homecoming on Saturday, December 6, 2008 from 6pm-2am. Venue is at the Ateneo High School Covered Courts. A huge variety of pastries specially baked by FHO members will be available for sale!

Christmas cupcakes, bars, cookies and specialty pastries await ! We will be beside Gloria Jean's Coffee and Cello's Doughnuts. Please join us in putting faith into action by buying our baked goods or donating cash. Your donation will be an early Christmas Gift to the Prisoners of Bilibid (the Juvenile and Elderly inmates), the Maximum Security Prison Baking School and the orphans of White Cross ! The FHO Bake sale is proudly sponsored by Liberty Mills (Gold Medal Flour, Maya Cake Flour, Maya Hotcakes and Mixes) and the Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center.

The theme of the Ateneo Alumni Grand Homecoming is “ Ang Maglingkod nang Buong Dangal at Galing”.(AMDG - Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam - For the Greater Glory of God"-Ateneo's Creed ! ) Truly, we are one with the theme of baking for God's greater glory - by making the best pastries for the Ateneo Alumni, the children of White Cross Orphanage and the prisoners of Bilibid.!

All proceeds of the FHO Bake sale will go Bilibid Prison (JVP) and White Cross Orphanage. Baked goodies set aside by FHO will be distributed on December 7 to both White Cross and Bilbid Prison.

Bilibid Prison is an apostolate of the JVP (Jesuit Volunteers of the Philippines) and the Chaplain of Bilibid is Fr. Jonjee Sumpaico, SJ. They have a baking school inside the compound of the Maximum Security Prison . Half of the cash proceeds generated by the FHO bake sale, together with several cases of Gold Medal Flour/Maya Cake Flour and assorted baking mixes donated by Liberty Mills will be donated to the Baking School. The pastries baked by FHO members will be given to the Juvenile inmates and the Elderly in Bilibid.

White Cross (Santolan Road, QC) was first conceived as a child welfare institution catering to the children of parents with tuberculosis and has now blossomed through the years. The humble efforts of a group of civic minded citizens and the undying dedication of the Daughters of Charity are now implanted in the lives of thousands. The continuous growth and increasing number of beneficiaries are living testimonies to all of these

"We have assumed an undertaking which is indeed superior to our strength. We were brave because to a great extent we were ignorant to the magnitude of our undertaking. But this is the work of God. We may not succeed, but White Cross cannot fail."

These were the words of Mrs. Victoria Lopez de Araneta, founder and president of White Cross, on the Formal Inauguration of the institution on September 10, 1938. FHO will echo those inspiring words by putting them into action: donating pastries and half of the proceeds of the FHO bake sale to White Cross which will benefit their numerous programs which support the depressed communities in Santolan,Q.C..

Filipina Homebakers Online is composed of 61 talented Filipinas who bake from home. We have a website devoted to a forum on anything baking related under the sun. We also have quarterly meet-ups which include costing, baking demos and good-natured FUN as part of our activities. Through FHO we have fostered wonderful friendships and a strong sisterhood. We put our hearts into each and every cup of flour and sugar that we add to our baked goodies, in the same way that we put our hearts into our group. Our oath is : “We vow to be KIND and COMPASSIONATE, HONEST, RESPECTFUL, TRUSTWORTHY and FRIENDLY towards fellow FHO members and to our clients, so help us God”.

We enjoin you to support our FHO Bake sale and make it a success! Please contact: Maria Mercedes Camacho (Pastry Chef) at 09178961215 (email: des.camacho@yahoo.com) for cash donations and for any questions regarding the FHO Bake sale.

Please watch Q11's Fit and Fab on Tuesday, Dec 2, 7:25pm (Replay on Sunday 11:00pm) where the FHO bakesale together with Petite Patisserie(owned by Mercedes) will be featured!

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