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*George Flegel

*Frans Snyders

*Andy Warhol

i was just browsing art awhile ago. and i thought of about food paintings. and i like andy warhol.

i remember, we have a painter in our family. his surname is serna. i never really knew him, he passed on before i was born. he was an inlaw of of my grandfather. nobody really captured his greatness in painting. but he sure got a lot. i have seen so many paintings from some of our relatives houses. even in our house. when i was little, we grew up looking at this big painting of filipino fruits in our dining area. it was just like the first painting i posted (by bangbang)

my aunt from iloilo got that painting and displayed at her house. i think they restored it. its a huge painting with that very big brown old frame with it. i have to take a photo of that when i go back to iloilo, so you all could see it. i think that painting is older than me. maybe around 1920s, more or less.

at our space in tagaytay, my folks got some paintings by angel cacnio, he hails from malabon and i know he is a friend of our relative (serna) i admire his works, more on the filipino culture, family, lifestyle.

anyways, i just remember how we ate right in front of that filipino fruits' painting. little lizards always hid at the back of that painting.

i think his wife still has every painting he did. some are displayed, some aren't.

yes we can..erm...i think

when i was 9, the first time i went to united states, and went straight to my aunt's (my mom's sister) who has been living in maryland for more than a decade already. she didn't have a child then but only a husband, and she got this freezer at her basement, and it was full of ice cream. ben & jerry's!

it was love at first sight.

i got fat after that two month vacation with my dad. all we did was eat eat eat eat eat. and i can finish one flavor, one sitting, while i watch tv.

still for the past visits, i never fail to try a new flavor. now its actually available here. but its kinda expensive. i saw at rustan's supermarket in gateway, cubao.

i stumble upon this site today, scoopalicious. and saw this post. funny. yes, pecan! i remember i did watch the whole cycle of events during inaguration day of obama.

its so patriotic. hahaha!


sweet stuff all day!

*isi, nikka, charlene, kate, anna, pj

ok so far i haven't really decided what to talk about in this blog. i have just been posting my old food photos at foodbuzz and kind of bored and getting fat. hahahaha! due to this blog, you would see why i am getting fat and lazy.

today, i finally get to blog some stuff i got from my good homebaker friends. we met up yesterday at tiendesitas (i really like this place, full of stores and full of foodies and delicacies all over the philippines, its a one stop shop with really everything. more like, organized place to buy stuff from the philippines)

so it was me, kate, charlene, nikka and anna and pj. with my son and nikka's daughter. you could say this is like the first admin meet up for 2009 of FHO (our homebaker's group)we had late lunch and kate was good enough to bring our orders, well, her hand-me-downs of baking equipment since she will be migrating to singapore soon. my son and i arrived first, because i came from my previous culinary school, and got some recommendation letters from our chefs. we had our first sweet bite there, our pastry chef gave my son a chocolate cupcake.

*my son and nikka's daughter

kate arrived after my son and i had our lunch. she gave us a box of chocolate cupcakes again with chocolate frosting on top! my son just couldn't get his hands of it, so when i opened it, he just kept on picking the icing. it was good (i ate one last night) too sweet for me, though. kate, i am sorry i wasn't able to take anymore photos of your cupcakes because my grandfolks and my brother ate it all last night!!! they didn't even bother to leave one for my son! hahahah!

charlene arrived next and she surprised me with an eco-friendly bag with a box of butterscotch bars inside! yay! i was so excited! i kept that bag already from the others hehehehe! you know how i love butterscotch. i ate one last night and surprised me again, it had choco chips in it. super delicious, sweet bites.

*charlene's gift of butterscotch goodness

nikka arrived and then anna and pj to our surprise came in a little after. it was a fun day, full of stories about baking and just about food!
i gave them ube from good sheperd tagaytay. i like the good sheperd there than the one at baguio. the ube at tagaytay is like ice cream. i heart their ube goodness!

so after all the talking, pj and i saw the stall of tita lynn's flavored suman (glutinous rice cake wrapped in banana or palm leaves, a native delicacy) i love love love love this suman when my mom brought home a few last month. i actually love suman, even the ones from antipolo, the one wrapped in palm leaves which we even fry.

*tita lynn's flavored suman

i bought some home yesterday and i ate some for breakfast. i love the langka (jackfruit) and the coco mas flavors.

and i saw this jar today on the table. coco jam! super good to spread on a hot pandesal (dinner roll of the philippines hahahah!) i think my mom brought this home.


award day tuesday!

miss so cal pastry chef has awarded me this lemonade stand crown award today!

so happy tuesday!

thank you so so so much miss so cal pastry chef!!!

so now i have to pass this award to my favorite blogs i love love love~ (for this 2009)!

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happy awarding tuesday!
:) well for me, at least.


jason berwick

*beetroot linguine*by jason berwick

when i first joined flickr, jason berwick was the first one i encountered. since i am into food photography, he has been one in a million food photographers i really, really, really admire.

i even had a few emails with him, i am such a fan.
he had shown me so much creativity and openess in food photography. he maybe far away but he has been touching my eyes in such awe because of how he treats food styling at its best.
i never seen some of his ingredients in his photos in real life. since he came back from not posting alot to share in flickr, i was so surprised about these pink pine nuts. i have never seen pink pine nute in my entire life! also the beetroot linguini, that's so cool!

*pink pine nuts*by jason berwick

i hope he compiles every photo he got in one book, and i will definitely buy that book! if only he accepts apprenticeship, i would gladly to join in, just so i will get all his tips in food photography. hehehe! he is a chef too, by the way.



and so i became a featured publisher!


so happy!

a good way to start the year!

more and more foodies to come

so i guess i will be requesting (or demanding hehe!) to vote for me
and join in foodbuzz! really great site to learn so much about food from all the food bloggers around the world!

thanks FOODBUZZ!


cakespy's happy gifts!

miss jessie of cakespy very thoughtfully and whole heartedly gave me freebies that came along with these paintings.

i am such a happy girl when my folks finally came home from the US, and brought home these stuff for me. since it is expensive to let it ship here in manila. so instead i let miss jessie send it over at my aunt's house in US.

i was so surprised that miss jessie even gave me gifts and a lovely note.

i think i am the first here in manila to get cakespy's merchandise. hehehe! i hope cakespy will get more fans from here. i mean, alot are into baking cuppies nowadays.

miss jessie, i love love love these super duper cute paintings and of course the bookmark, and the two greeting cards and that lovely note you sent me.

thank you so much! one of the best xmas gift of 2008!
:) second was the new laptop.

*hmmm... me think i should get the cakespy apron too....next time!!!
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