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*isi, nikka, charlene, kate, anna, pj

ok so far i haven't really decided what to talk about in this blog. i have just been posting my old food photos at foodbuzz and kind of bored and getting fat. hahahaha! due to this blog, you would see why i am getting fat and lazy.

today, i finally get to blog some stuff i got from my good homebaker friends. we met up yesterday at tiendesitas (i really like this place, full of stores and full of foodies and delicacies all over the philippines, its a one stop shop with really everything. more like, organized place to buy stuff from the philippines)

so it was me, kate, charlene, nikka and anna and pj. with my son and nikka's daughter. you could say this is like the first admin meet up for 2009 of FHO (our homebaker's group)we had late lunch and kate was good enough to bring our orders, well, her hand-me-downs of baking equipment since she will be migrating to singapore soon. my son and i arrived first, because i came from my previous culinary school, and got some recommendation letters from our chefs. we had our first sweet bite there, our pastry chef gave my son a chocolate cupcake.

*my son and nikka's daughter

kate arrived after my son and i had our lunch. she gave us a box of chocolate cupcakes again with chocolate frosting on top! my son just couldn't get his hands of it, so when i opened it, he just kept on picking the icing. it was good (i ate one last night) too sweet for me, though. kate, i am sorry i wasn't able to take anymore photos of your cupcakes because my grandfolks and my brother ate it all last night!!! they didn't even bother to leave one for my son! hahahah!

charlene arrived next and she surprised me with an eco-friendly bag with a box of butterscotch bars inside! yay! i was so excited! i kept that bag already from the others hehehehe! you know how i love butterscotch. i ate one last night and surprised me again, it had choco chips in it. super delicious, sweet bites.

*charlene's gift of butterscotch goodness

nikka arrived and then anna and pj to our surprise came in a little after. it was a fun day, full of stories about baking and just about food!
i gave them ube from good sheperd tagaytay. i like the good sheperd there than the one at baguio. the ube at tagaytay is like ice cream. i heart their ube goodness!

so after all the talking, pj and i saw the stall of tita lynn's flavored suman (glutinous rice cake wrapped in banana or palm leaves, a native delicacy) i love love love love this suman when my mom brought home a few last month. i actually love suman, even the ones from antipolo, the one wrapped in palm leaves which we even fry.

*tita lynn's flavored suman

i bought some home yesterday and i ate some for breakfast. i love the langka (jackfruit) and the coco mas flavors.

and i saw this jar today on the table. coco jam! super good to spread on a hot pandesal (dinner roll of the philippines hahahah!) i think my mom brought this home.


Tangled Noodle said...

There are so many places and foods that we didn't get to see and try during what I now realize was our too-short trip to the Philippines in December. Thanks for sharing all this info!

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

next time you'll be here, be sure to email me! so i could meet you and then we could have a food trip

Hornsfan said...

Your son is too cute! Looks like it was a great day for all!

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

thanks so much
:) yep it was

Jo said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE SUMAN. so good. =) thank you for conjuring some warm feelings.

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

you're most welcome jo
i love love suman too!

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