new one, old ones

new one
old ones

we finally tested all the stoves and ovens in the house. there was a bit problem. the gas line, we think the gas is having a hard time to go in the dirty kitchen as well as inside the house. we have to get that checked. but all in all, the iginitions in all the stoves and oven are perfectly working well.

i like the microwave oven as well, got a lot fo functions.

i tested the old ones, and they're still doing well.

but my electric grill in the oven and the oven itself, is still dirty (haven't cleaned it for a while since i haven't been using it for almost 2 years)
when i turned on the electric grill, it kinda smoked alot. i have to get it cleaned and checked.

the new one is all gas. unlike my old one which has an electric grill. its pretty sturdy and i am happy to get a bigger one so i can do what i love to do.

our display kitchen is black and white. the dirty kitchen is all stainless.
you can say it will be a very good working place.

thank you so much to my folks. they said the new oven is their gift for me
happy happy

*still in the process of moving in...still unsettled.
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