such a lousy birthday

today was my birthday. very lousy. well almost the whole day was bad. and i don't want to go through with it.

then again, my family, my mom, my dad, my younger brother and my son went to Aresi. we missed that place after closing down years ago. (my husband isn't present, due to work)

we had very good iced teas, i got myself a carbonara, and their special pizza with everything in it. for appetizer we got the shrimp and chips, which had a nice tartar sauce with it. for dessert we had the vanilla panna cotta, which we all loved.

after that, we got frozen yogurt at FYI with little marsmallows and fresh strawberries. my son loved it.

i wasn't able to take much photos, since i was so busy eating and just wanting the day to end.

best part of the day was for all the people who greeted me, and my son sang happy birthday song to me. he even asked me where's my cake. i told him, i don't have a cake unlike him, we always have cake on his birthday. whatver he likes.

now i'm 26 years living in this cruel world.
thanks so much to those who greeted me. you are loved. at least i know alot of people who cherish me and remembers my birthday.

Aresi is located at 2nd floor of
Il Terrazzo (beside it is my fave Banapple)
35 Tomas Morato corner Scout Madrinan, Quezon City
(Across Burgoo and beside the Belo Medical Center)


Tangled Noodle said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your special day was a let-down. I think you should wait until you feel perked up then celebrate it again, this time with a cake!

Björnik said...

it couldn't be that bad. at least nakapagcelebrate ka pa rin with your family. belated happy birthday!

My Taste Heaven said...

it shouldn't be that bad...why didn't you enjoy it?!

speaking of birthdays, i have stopped celebrating for 5 years already...


all the best in 2009~

The Beancounter said...

Belated Happy birthday EADLCGirl!

I'm sure you've got a lot to be thankful for! Celebrate again...TODAY!

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

@Tangled Noodle

thanks so much. yeah i have to celebrate it again.

evil and demented little cooker girl said...


well that three hours of dinner wasn't really that bad.
thanks so much

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

@My Taste Heaven
hahaha thanks so much

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

@The Beancounter

thanks so much! yes i do!
and i am ok now.

Hornsfan said...

Happy Belated B-Day, sorry, I've been behind on my reading or would've sent best wishes earlier. Hope things got better!

evil and demented little cooker girl said...


its okay
:) thanks so much

MaryBeth said...

So sorry to hear that your b-day was not all that great, however the food all looks fabulous. Take it for what it is worth and happy belated birthday my dear.

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