decorating weekend

last weekend, i finally took the cake decorating class of wilton. i joined chef jesuit (a great cake decorator from tacloban and owns sugarnspice) to take the course 1 and course 2 of wilton. our instructor is chef jackie ang-po. she is very smart and witty and we all got so much to learn from her. straight to the point, hands-on, cake decorating class.

saturday, was the first day. half day was half of course 1 and the other half day was half of course 2.
saturday was dreadful, tiring, and we all went home so late. literally the mall was about to close. it was information overload. at first we were all relaxed and even writing notes on our booklets. even taking photos of each and every action, then at the end of the day, we didn't even bother to do those anymore but just finish what we has to be done. i never expected the sandwiches prepared for us. obviously that is included in the payment. and also nobody told us during on saturday that there was a 10% discount for wilton products for students over that weekend. but anyways, some did try to use the 10% today, including me. hehehe!

it was a friendly group. my seatmate and partner is meimei, and she is very nice. and we were even coded as the gumamela (its a type of flower here in the philippines) girls. hahahahaha we were both piping, using the reverse side of the tip.

among all the flowers we did, we all had a hard time making roses. i am embarrased by this. i need alot of practice in making the roses. i am not that good. but it is very important. i think if i perfect the roses, i can make all the other types of flowers. but i am good at the other flowers.

we also did colorflow, which i need to master. i like it. we made colorflow birds.

so for the first ever decorated cake i did, after 3 years is the rainbow cake. i had a hard time writing because my hands were sore. and the icing wasn't very nice anymore. i can do better than this.

sunday, we made alot but less pressure, since we know alot from saturday's session. it helped us alot. we made two cakes today, one is with the bouquet of roses and the other is the flower basket with those colorflow birds we did yesterday. all the flowers we did yesterday, was arrange on this cake.

we also made clowns which is very easy and fun to do.

and other basic borders which we used on each cakes.

at least today, we were on schedule and it wasn't that tiring. but then again, we all got caught up by the basketweave decor. hehehe i thought i am not going to be able to drive home tonight. my right hand is so tired. but it was worth it. all worth it.

for some reason, we all had to take a photo of our cake with chef jackie and ourselves holding the cake. and then she handed over our certificates.

i have a little background in cake decorating, but i never knew that these two courses can help me so much and opened my hands to more precise decorating actions. and chef jackie really helped us and she got alot of tips to share. we all adore her.

and this is the reason why i wasn't able to go to the baker's fair. i will wait for another two years for that.

i don't think i want to get the course 3 and course 4. i am not fond of making fondants and wedding cakes.

:) it was nice to meet new friends in the class.
and it was a blast.

will post photos soon. i haven't uploaded them.

*still moving
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