vegetables and fruits

let me start this blog about how i started feeding my only son with solid food.

from breastfeeding for almost 7 months, i finally decided to stop since it hurts so bad, since my son was early to have his first tooth. so it was time to introduce solid foods to him.

i remember i started it with plain mashed potatoes. then i boiled carrots, peas, sweet potato (the orange color one) and squash. sometimes i mashed it all together or just one mashed vegetable at a time. i also started to feed him, mashed fruits, from pears, apples, papaya, grapes too.

then i started boiling meat, like chicken breast and thin slices of beef or pork and of course fish. and i processed it with some boiled mashed vegetables. the fish, i fry it and just get the white meat. i put little stock too.

i started making plain congee. and i put meat and vegetable in it.

my son loves vegetables and fruits, well anything i serve to him. but he loves to eat when there's vegetable or fruit in it. i make it to a point that everyday we have soup, since it takes so much time for him to chew his meal (rice and meat dish) is it doesn't have any soup in it.

this year was the only time i introduced him to candies, like those gummy bears stuff. but he has been getting ice cream, chocolates and sweets from cakes and pastries ever since.

now he also eats bread with dips like olive oil and balsamic vinegar, tomato concasse (plain diced tomatoes) he eats pasta and pizza. we sometimes eat at fast food restaurants too. we eat whatever, he likes any fish dish. he loves condiments too, like ketchup and barbeque sauce. cheeses and salads and other dishes a big person can eat. my son is only 2 1/2 years old.

i am not that strict with what he eats, since i know he eats with good choices. i could never believe my son would eat vegetables and fruits in the easiest way, unlike other kids who don't like it. i know many parents out there are having a hard time feeding their kids with fruits and vegetables. my parents had a hard time when i was little. i never ate any vegetable way back. i will always take out even the tiniest vegetable i could see from my plate. and i don't like pork fat, unless its crispy fried. heehee! my husband too don't like vegetables when he was younger. so we are grateful our son didn't get that attitude from us about food.

he loves to eat. i sometimes think he's a vegetarian or something. well gotta respect his choices. he is his own person.

i can't wait to cook more for him when he gets older. i hope he would be as adventurous as we are when we eat. nowadays, i love to eat whatever. and i love to taste new kinds of dishes out there.

i guess you gotta start your child young to eat nutritous food. i think its the parents' way on how to feed and what to prepare and cook for their children matters most and also the parents' food habits. i think you just gotta respect your child's choices. and hope when he gets older he or she would change his food habits. just like what happend to me, i love to eat vegetables and fruits now my parents are happy hahahaha! but i still got my sweet tooth. still crave for the sweets all the time but not that much anymore. well not really. hahahaha! i still reserve space for dessert!


bjornik said...

Hi Isi, badtrip naman yung nangyari sa LJ mo. Mabuti naman at bumalik ka sa blogging, pwede ko ba expect mga recipes dito?:)

Btw, maswerte anak mo sayo. Busog sa pagmamahal at pagkain. Pero malas nanay ko sa akin, di kasi ako kumakain ng luto niya eh.:P

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

hi bjorn! yep recipes will be shared!

hahahahah ganon?!

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