since i haven't moved out of this place (most of you know where i am living right now and my situation here) i still don't know what to put in my new blog.

there is so much to say and so much to do. ok this is what i will do first. since i can't cook and bake here, i would be sharing my previous cooking i experienced doing back at school. this was actually the reason why i started to talk about food. when i turned myself around into studying about culinary arts and a little bit of pastry arts, i never stopped taking photos of our work everyday in the kitchen. i got tons of photos and some of these were even used at the school for reference since i was a pioneer student, first ever batch to graduate the one year culinary course. i was using a sony cybershot 3.2 megapixels camera then. wasn't even fond of having a digital slr. and then i took shots of everything we did, even if the dish is not even finished or plated yet. i had fun and my being of a food fotographer began in my hands and in my eyes. my classmates even copied some of my photos since they are fond of it.

that cybershot almost got stolen. it was actually stolen for a few hours, then we saw it in the girl's bathroom, on top of the lockers. that was hilarious. i actually laughed and laughed when i saw it, since maybe the person who stole it, got a smack in his or her face, thinking, "i almost got her camera". up to now, i still don't know who took it. stupid really. i was not the only one who has been a victim of this back at school. now, my brother uses that camera. and i have another point and shoot camera and a digital slr. finally got one and i have been using that. but since i don't carry it often, i always use my point and shoot for getting recent food shots for my flickr account.

now let me choose what dish i should talk about and let me start my food blogging soon... heehee!


Veronica's Kitchen said...

Hi Isi! Hope you blog a lot about food and stuff!

May you move out soon para more blogs and more food! Hehe.



Miguel said...

Cool - Ill be reading this blog and watching out for updates. You can check mine at mvecin.blogspot.com :)

Sarah said...

hi isi! thanks for sharing! will be visiting your blog.
God bless!
Sarah (kimbap)

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

hi sarah! thanks for checking it out!

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

hi miguel! i added your site to one of my favorites! hehe! lurking on your blog too! thanks :)

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

hi nikka!!! thanks so much...i am still thinkin of so many stuff to put in here...

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