seven spice shop story

i have relatives from egypt. but never been there. i wish i could visit back when i graduated from high school, but never did.

since i became so interested in the culinary world, i always ask them to bring home spices since i know egypt carry alot of different spices and herbs and tea from their surrounding countries. i actually love egypt's location, its in north africa and down south of europe. i mean its in between africa and europe continents. gets?

anyways, since then, every june and december, when my relatives go back here, they will bring me some stock of spices, herbs and tea. when i studied at the culinary school, i was even giving away some of my spices since i would want to share it to my classmates. i became so interested in it, so our handout about herbs and spices was my favourite read.

i talked to my aunt who lives there, and decided that i want to supply herbs and spices in households, to culinary students, and to culinary schools and restaurants. and then i listed all the herbs and spices that i think would be marketable here in the metro. i even added nuts and that SEKEM tea boxes. those tea have medicinal purposes and 100% organically grown, 100% natural. and we have been using that for ages now.

i started this when i came back from US, my son was 2 months old then. and i kept on thinking what my shop's name is. i decided it would be seven spice shop. seven, being our favourite number and my son's middle name is seven. i named it after him. recently i made the simpliest logo i could think of. i stock my supplies at the basement of my folks' house at tagaytay. that's where i keep them, in air tight, big pail containers, dry and cool and no direct sunlight. typical storage for herbs and spices. and it would last for almost 2 years or so.

i renovated my used-to-be-personal-multiply site into my seven spice online shop.

and i have been getting quite few orders. i even added up wooden cupcake stands which are made to order. and also the SEKEM tea, i would want people who loves tea, to use it, also for those who wants to try organic, natural, medicinal methods, by drinking this tea. they got a lot of choices, for hepatic, calm, laxative, cough, flu, fever, rheume, etc.

i am happy at least in some little way i earn a little bit for my family, especially to my son. this is the only thing i can do, since by choice, i am a stay at home mom who will find her own space soon and find a better environment for my son and for my little home based business.

thank you very much for supporting my little shop. i really appreciate the help of my family and relatives and friends and the clients who are continuing to order from me and will soon be ordering from seven spice shop. in some way you are helping alot for my son's savings.

future plans? i would want to bake alot of goodies that i could supply and sell, not cupcakes though, there are a lot of cupcake creators out there and to cook more for my family and friends since we all love to eat good healthy food.

i would want to have a sevenspiceshop.com in the future. a friend of mine will be helping me with this soon. and perk up my online shop.

i also would want to have a little supply store for cooks and bakers with a little deli and little restaurant since i am a little cooker. hehehehe!

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