public enemies

i can't wait for this film to get out. of course, starring my number one crush, mister johnny depp. and oh wow, christian bale is in it too. lotsa goodies to see out there in the coming year in the film industry.

i love the classics.

i have been watching james dean's films and elizabeth taylor's films. and i so love rebel without a cause. such a teeny bopper film, popcorn movie it is.

i hate when james dean smiles, he kinda looks unreal and funny looking. if there was film about him, i want james franco to be in it. he looks like james dean.

i wanna watch james franco new comedy film, pineapple rush i think. oh no, its pineapple express! hehe!

but since i have been bored, i just can't seem to finish this film, i have been watching it over and over again, but can't finish. titled, smart people, starring by dennis quiad, sarah jessica parker and ellen paige (i like her alot, she's good at juno) let me finish it now.

i also watched wanted (james mcavoy is kinda cute), hancock (well, not really into it, it kinda reminded me of my ob-gyn back in the states, since his surname was doctor hancock, hahaha! for real) and adam sandler's zohan. (that was pretty funny, gay funny)

let me eat my lunch now, while watching, smart people, again.

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