royce, like the rolls-royce of the chocolate world

mom just bought this home and i have been craving this royce chocolates up to now! i love the milk chocolate and the white chocolate ones. i haven't opened this other bar, the one the left,maybe tonight i will feast! the second photo is called the nama chocolate, it melts in your mouth, that is why when you buy it, especially if they know you will bring it home, they put it in a silver padded bag, with a pack of dry ice inside, so it would not melt. and when you put it in your mouth, it melts so good! very very very yummy!!!!!!

just like how i crave for millie's cookies!
these cookies and muffins are so great!!! originally from UK, now they got a branch at the hongkong airport. royce chocolates are from japan, now they got a kiosk at the hongkong airport too. so much goodies to see and eat and buy at hongkong.

so if you ever go to hongkong...that's the nearest country to us where we can find these... try to get a bar of chocolate, some cookies and muffins...and i bet you'll be buying more. don't mind the weight dearies! i don't!

i just love good sweets...like these.

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