to my close friend anna who's been wanting to know how to make ceasar salad dressing

anna, i forgot about the mustard! hahahaha

this recipe can make almost 1 liter of ceasar salad dressing. you can half the recipe if you want.

4 pieces of fresh egg yolks
15 ml worchestershire sauce
30 g dijon mustard
2 pieces of fresh lemon
100 ml vinegar
50 g anchovies ( i used the canned ones, in olive oil)
30 g fresh, peeled and minced garlic
700 ml olive oil

salt (but i use parmesan cheese) and pepper

i crushed first the anchovies until its like a paste in a big bowl, then add mustard, garlic, egg yolks, worchestershire sauce. combine properly.

add the vinegar, lemon juice.

incorporate olive oil in a thin stream, whisking with the paste until it becomes like a fainted yellow dressing.

season with parmesan cheese and pepper, if you want you can put tabasco.

blend romaine lettuce or mixed greens with garlic croutons and more parmesan cheese. maybe some grilled chicken or beef or fish.

you can do alot of mixed salads and add up this ceasar salad dressing.
if you do not like to whisk, try doing it in a blender or food processor.

:) enjoy

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