black saturday lunch and joy ride and easter sunday dinner

*mango torte?

*corn jicama salad

*pesto potato salad

last black saturday lunch, i had a few friends who are my neighbors too over at our house, who were planning to practice driving. we had this sausage pasta that my friend made, i made corn jicama salad and mango torte.

then we practiced driving. well i didn't hahaha. then we had this super duper delicious fish balls that is being sold here in the grocery of our village. nothing can compare!

that wasn't the only highlight of the driving day, but also we all wanted to jog because we saw this ubod ng gwapo guy who jogs around the park. hahahahah we were all laughing our heads off! because one of my friends, was like, bibili na talaga ako ng running shoes! (i need to buy running shoes now!!! hahahaha! well as of today, we will start to jog around, maybe in the afternoon.


easter sunday, super busy because of my dinner with my old high school buddies and one came from canada. so i prepared chorizo parmesan spaghetti, my pesto potato salad that i really really loved! and the salmon fritata :) i also gave them a dose of my cheesecake pops and the mango torte too. one of my friends brought along embotido (pork roulade-some cold appetizer dish which is also my fave)

super duper fun! i am glad my friends enjoyed the dinner. they said it was like eating in a resto.
i should do this again. gives me lots of happy-ness.

more food photos here

*today's lunch is the yummy kare kare {ox stew with eggplants, green beans, and has ground peanuts, annatto seeds and the famous accompaniment, bagoong (shrimp paste)}


Maya said...

Mango torte sounds divine.

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

it is divine and so easy to make

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