ikatlong banat exhibit

my first entry for an exhibit, organized by flickr philippines. i may not know too well most of the people from flickr philippines, but i met some of the key people before. i am little bit active in the forums but the members have been very supportive and very warm :)

this was the photo i entered since i ate this last 08.08.08 and that was the theme of the exhibit.

i won't forget this, because when i ate this cake, it caused me one tooth. good thing its a molar. i can still smile perfectly hahaha

:) thank you for the admin and members who organized and set up the exhibit. i wasn't able to go, though the venue is just our neighbor. i went there with my husband and son, last friday. and i wasn't able to go to the last night when it was awarding time. my friend, JM won. congrats dude!!!

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