this week in pinoycentric..

not this week! :)

for years i have been a member of flickr. and a member of several groups. and one is
pinoycentric. i have been submitting and sharing my photos to pinoycentric and after a year, this is the only time i came across this...


ahahaha! that is my ensaymada photo i took when i was studying. i was only using a cybershot then. the photo was featured september 21st of 2007! ahahahaha! and its already october 2008!

thank you so much

and i am sorry if i haven't visited that much before, and its really funny that only after a year i came across this!

more power to you guys! thanks so much again

:) will do visit more and submit more photos in the group!

maybe in the future...i will get one of my food photos in a cover of a magazine! my dream!

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