Into The Wild Tour, Live in Manila, July 29, 2011

i missed some good bands who have reached Manila skies and showed us their stuff. like stone temple pilots, john mayer, etc.

first reason i cannot watch is, time, and second is money. i know some were worth the wait or surprisingly making a show here. among all the bands, 30 seconds to mars was the most exciting to see, because i knew it was jared leto's band.

i didn't think twice. but since i was pretty busy with this project i have been working on, and that the execution of the project was the day before the concert, i was still held up if i should buy a ticket or not. 

i bought the ticket on the day of the concert. 

the venue was just across our home. i would even hear the whole concert from here, but definitely won't see it.

kara is a fan, a close friend of mine and we both decided to go together. 

and then it began to rain. NON-STOP. we were drenched. we didn't care. everybody didn't care.

i still got some pretty takes from my lovely good karma kamera, LX-3. and i get see jared leto's lovely, ever so dreamy eyes.

thanks to the rain and to jared, tomo and shannon and the whole crew of 30 seconds to mars. 

i still can't believe i was at a concert like that, again.

one band i would really like to see who is already disbanded: SMASHING PUMPKINS

one band i would really like to see now here in the philippines: DAVE MATTHEWS BAND

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Unknown said...

galeng ng coverage mo Isi.. love it!!

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