to my close friend anna who's been wanting to know how to make ceasar salad dressing

anna, i forgot about the mustard! hahahaha

this recipe can make almost 1 liter of ceasar salad dressing. you can half the recipe if you want.

4 pieces of fresh egg yolks
15 ml worchestershire sauce
30 g dijon mustard
2 pieces of fresh lemon
100 ml vinegar
50 g anchovies ( i used the canned ones, in olive oil)
30 g fresh, peeled and minced garlic
700 ml olive oil

salt (but i use parmesan cheese) and pepper

i crushed first the anchovies until its like a paste in a big bowl, then add mustard, garlic, egg yolks, worchestershire sauce. combine properly.

add the vinegar, lemon juice.

incorporate olive oil in a thin stream, whisking with the paste until it becomes like a fainted yellow dressing.

season with parmesan cheese and pepper, if you want you can put tabasco.

blend romaine lettuce or mixed greens with garlic croutons and more parmesan cheese. maybe some grilled chicken or beef or fish.

you can do alot of mixed salads and add up this ceasar salad dressing.
if you do not like to whisk, try doing it in a blender or food processor.

:) enjoy


royce, like the rolls-royce of the chocolate world

mom just bought this home and i have been craving this royce chocolates up to now! i love the milk chocolate and the white chocolate ones. i haven't opened this other bar, the one the left,maybe tonight i will feast! the second photo is called the nama chocolate, it melts in your mouth, that is why when you buy it, especially if they know you will bring it home, they put it in a silver padded bag, with a pack of dry ice inside, so it would not melt. and when you put it in your mouth, it melts so good! very very very yummy!!!!!!

just like how i crave for millie's cookies!
these cookies and muffins are so great!!! originally from UK, now they got a branch at the hongkong airport. royce chocolates are from japan, now they got a kiosk at the hongkong airport too. so much goodies to see and eat and buy at hongkong.

so if you ever go to hongkong...that's the nearest country to us where we can find these... try to get a bar of chocolate, some cookies and muffins...and i bet you'll be buying more. don't mind the weight dearies! i don't!

i just love good sweets...like these.

public enemies

i can't wait for this film to get out. of course, starring my number one crush, mister johnny depp. and oh wow, christian bale is in it too. lotsa goodies to see out there in the coming year in the film industry.

i love the classics.

i have been watching james dean's films and elizabeth taylor's films. and i so love rebel without a cause. such a teeny bopper film, popcorn movie it is.

i hate when james dean smiles, he kinda looks unreal and funny looking. if there was film about him, i want james franco to be in it. he looks like james dean.

i wanna watch james franco new comedy film, pineapple rush i think. oh no, its pineapple express! hehe!

but since i have been bored, i just can't seem to finish this film, i have been watching it over and over again, but can't finish. titled, smart people, starring by dennis quiad, sarah jessica parker and ellen paige (i like her alot, she's good at juno) let me finish it now.

i also watched wanted (james mcavoy is kinda cute), hancock (well, not really into it, it kinda reminded me of my ob-gyn back in the states, since his surname was doctor hancock, hahaha! for real) and adam sandler's zohan. (that was pretty funny, gay funny)

let me eat my lunch now, while watching, smart people, again.


seven spice shop story

i have relatives from egypt. but never been there. i wish i could visit back when i graduated from high school, but never did.

since i became so interested in the culinary world, i always ask them to bring home spices since i know egypt carry alot of different spices and herbs and tea from their surrounding countries. i actually love egypt's location, its in north africa and down south of europe. i mean its in between africa and europe continents. gets?

anyways, since then, every june and december, when my relatives go back here, they will bring me some stock of spices, herbs and tea. when i studied at the culinary school, i was even giving away some of my spices since i would want to share it to my classmates. i became so interested in it, so our handout about herbs and spices was my favourite read.

i talked to my aunt who lives there, and decided that i want to supply herbs and spices in households, to culinary students, and to culinary schools and restaurants. and then i listed all the herbs and spices that i think would be marketable here in the metro. i even added nuts and that SEKEM tea boxes. those tea have medicinal purposes and 100% organically grown, 100% natural. and we have been using that for ages now.

i started this when i came back from US, my son was 2 months old then. and i kept on thinking what my shop's name is. i decided it would be seven spice shop. seven, being our favourite number and my son's middle name is seven. i named it after him. recently i made the simpliest logo i could think of. i stock my supplies at the basement of my folks' house at tagaytay. that's where i keep them, in air tight, big pail containers, dry and cool and no direct sunlight. typical storage for herbs and spices. and it would last for almost 2 years or so.

i renovated my used-to-be-personal-multiply site into my seven spice online shop.

and i have been getting quite few orders. i even added up wooden cupcake stands which are made to order. and also the SEKEM tea, i would want people who loves tea, to use it, also for those who wants to try organic, natural, medicinal methods, by drinking this tea. they got a lot of choices, for hepatic, calm, laxative, cough, flu, fever, rheume, etc.

i am happy at least in some little way i earn a little bit for my family, especially to my son. this is the only thing i can do, since by choice, i am a stay at home mom who will find her own space soon and find a better environment for my son and for my little home based business.

thank you very much for supporting my little shop. i really appreciate the help of my family and relatives and friends and the clients who are continuing to order from me and will soon be ordering from seven spice shop. in some way you are helping alot for my son's savings.

future plans? i would want to bake alot of goodies that i could supply and sell, not cupcakes though, there are a lot of cupcake creators out there and to cook more for my family and friends since we all love to eat good healthy food.

i would want to have a sevenspiceshop.com in the future. a friend of mine will be helping me with this soon. and perk up my online shop.

i also would want to have a little supply store for cooks and bakers with a little deli and little restaurant since i am a little cooker. hehehehe!


vegetables and fruits

let me start this blog about how i started feeding my only son with solid food.

from breastfeeding for almost 7 months, i finally decided to stop since it hurts so bad, since my son was early to have his first tooth. so it was time to introduce solid foods to him.

i remember i started it with plain mashed potatoes. then i boiled carrots, peas, sweet potato (the orange color one) and squash. sometimes i mashed it all together or just one mashed vegetable at a time. i also started to feed him, mashed fruits, from pears, apples, papaya, grapes too.

then i started boiling meat, like chicken breast and thin slices of beef or pork and of course fish. and i processed it with some boiled mashed vegetables. the fish, i fry it and just get the white meat. i put little stock too.

i started making plain congee. and i put meat and vegetable in it.

my son loves vegetables and fruits, well anything i serve to him. but he loves to eat when there's vegetable or fruit in it. i make it to a point that everyday we have soup, since it takes so much time for him to chew his meal (rice and meat dish) is it doesn't have any soup in it.

this year was the only time i introduced him to candies, like those gummy bears stuff. but he has been getting ice cream, chocolates and sweets from cakes and pastries ever since.

now he also eats bread with dips like olive oil and balsamic vinegar, tomato concasse (plain diced tomatoes) he eats pasta and pizza. we sometimes eat at fast food restaurants too. we eat whatever, he likes any fish dish. he loves condiments too, like ketchup and barbeque sauce. cheeses and salads and other dishes a big person can eat. my son is only 2 1/2 years old.

i am not that strict with what he eats, since i know he eats with good choices. i could never believe my son would eat vegetables and fruits in the easiest way, unlike other kids who don't like it. i know many parents out there are having a hard time feeding their kids with fruits and vegetables. my parents had a hard time when i was little. i never ate any vegetable way back. i will always take out even the tiniest vegetable i could see from my plate. and i don't like pork fat, unless its crispy fried. heehee! my husband too don't like vegetables when he was younger. so we are grateful our son didn't get that attitude from us about food.

he loves to eat. i sometimes think he's a vegetarian or something. well gotta respect his choices. he is his own person.

i can't wait to cook more for him when he gets older. i hope he would be as adventurous as we are when we eat. nowadays, i love to eat whatever. and i love to taste new kinds of dishes out there.

i guess you gotta start your child young to eat nutritous food. i think its the parents' way on how to feed and what to prepare and cook for their children matters most and also the parents' food habits. i think you just gotta respect your child's choices. and hope when he gets older he or she would change his food habits. just like what happend to me, i love to eat vegetables and fruits now my parents are happy hahahaha! but i still got my sweet tooth. still crave for the sweets all the time but not that much anymore. well not really. hahahaha! i still reserve space for dessert!



since i haven't moved out of this place (most of you know where i am living right now and my situation here) i still don't know what to put in my new blog.

there is so much to say and so much to do. ok this is what i will do first. since i can't cook and bake here, i would be sharing my previous cooking i experienced doing back at school. this was actually the reason why i started to talk about food. when i turned myself around into studying about culinary arts and a little bit of pastry arts, i never stopped taking photos of our work everyday in the kitchen. i got tons of photos and some of these were even used at the school for reference since i was a pioneer student, first ever batch to graduate the one year culinary course. i was using a sony cybershot 3.2 megapixels camera then. wasn't even fond of having a digital slr. and then i took shots of everything we did, even if the dish is not even finished or plated yet. i had fun and my being of a food fotographer began in my hands and in my eyes. my classmates even copied some of my photos since they are fond of it.

that cybershot almost got stolen. it was actually stolen for a few hours, then we saw it in the girl's bathroom, on top of the lockers. that was hilarious. i actually laughed and laughed when i saw it, since maybe the person who stole it, got a smack in his or her face, thinking, "i almost got her camera". up to now, i still don't know who took it. stupid really. i was not the only one who has been a victim of this back at school. now, my brother uses that camera. and i have another point and shoot camera and a digital slr. finally got one and i have been using that. but since i don't carry it often, i always use my point and shoot for getting recent food shots for my flickr account.

now let me choose what dish i should talk about and let me start my food blogging soon... heehee!



first ever entry to the rebirth of evil and demented little cooker girl.

i used to have a livejournal. but it got hacked. somewhat somebody found out my password and read everything, even the private ones.

anyways, i am back. well sort of. kind of starting the rebirth of the evil and demented little me.

i got so much to share and so much to cook and so much to bake and so much to take photos of, and so much to offer to help, inspire and just basically put happy and maybe sad thoughts inside our little home, from my little kitchen and from my everyday life.

thank you for checking and lurking once in awhile.

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