one month passed

its been more than a month that i haven't updated this. my crazy schedule and being preoccupied at my new job has stopped me going online unlike before when i was a stay at home.

its tiring but fulfilling. i mean, being able to gain work experience, sharing all the knowledge i know to the students and generally running the culinary school. doing paperworks like market list, purchase orders, recipes, etc.

being able to refresh my memory and gain more kitchen knowledge. if i got free time, i even go to our pastry kitchen and gather some more tips. as you all know, i am rubbing elbows with famous chefs, namely, Chef Ernie Babaran, Chef Norbert Gandler and Chef Uli Willimann.

these are my bosses and they've been givign me good feedback and i hope it stays that way. i am just doing my part in order to give and help in running the school the way they want it to be. i am just doing my job, that's all that matters. and i just want whatever compensation they're giving me is worth it.

i am not the only faculty assistant at school, we are a team. when i started, both of these guys have been great in assisting me and helping me adjust in all the systems and standards of the school. and i have adjusted well. and i hope i won't disappoint them too.

i haven't really took a lot of food photos at school, but i try.

another thing, today is my son's first day in school. it was fun. as usual, didn't have a hard time on him. i got the day off since its a milestone today. very important day for all of us. he loves it. and ever since we enrolled him, he's been very excited about it.
so far, so good.

i just miss my days of being a stay at home... yet today is much more fulfilling.
i am just worried what will be next for us...
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