the second sunday sale

what i offered were mini pavlovas, my fruit tarts, mini cookies, mini orange poppy seed muffins, banana muffins and apple cinnamon muffins. also our tinapang bangus (smoked fish) and that rellenong bangus (stuffed milkfish).

it wasn't as good as the first sunday sale, but i got new customers. i guess it wasn't that good because not much people passed by. but then again, it didn't rain at all. thank God for that!

this past week has been very busy and very overwhelming for me.

this coming May is going to be the busiest month for me this early part of the year. i got some orders this May and i have been getting alot of inquiries.

this monday i have an interview with my most favorite chef.
tuesday, i might be doing a big wedding dessert buffet which hasn't confirmed yet.
wednesday, i might be doing more than fifty chocolate cupcakes for a birthday of a friend.

friday, i have to bring my son at this summer workshop which will run on all fridays of May then after the workshop, i have to get going to my speaking test of IELTS.

the next day, saturday will be the written exam of IELTS.
and of course, i have every weekend for my sunday sale up to June.

a busy week ahead of me.
and busy busy busy May. i am excited and ovewhelmed but fulfilling.
thanks to all who are helping me out and supporting
my little shop.


my first sunday sale

*ready to decorate and ready for packing

here are some photos from my first sunday sale. it was held inside our village. philam homes, quezon city. never did this ever. but i have been invited to be in these types of events. and since this year is my year. i opted to finally join one and it was a good start to showcase my products here in the village.

*our mini booth

it was a good sale. was giving out flyers and upselling. (that is what i learned from the call center, my first ever job back in 2003, i was talking to people from USA, i was an inbound rep for a telephone company) and the contract for this booth sale is every sunday up to june of this year.

at least i get to look something forward to every weekend. and every weekend i get to offer more and more products i can do good inside my kitchen.
not only my common goods,but i will also offer some other stuff i can sell. i can actually sell anything.

last sunday my friend was with me, selling her earth friendly bags. i got one for myself too. that was her payment for me since she shared a space in my booth. the rent is pretty cheap so we can always get more profit after the expenses made.

i also sell tinapang bangus (big smoked milkfish) and rellenong bangus (stuffed milkfish delicacy here in the philippines) and maybe i might sell some hot food and hot sandwiches.

i also sell my herbs and spices and tea and Nielsen-Massey products if you like to get them.

let us see how it goes every sunday.

to those who are in the metro, please try to find time to visit me at sta. rita parish, philam homes, quezon city from 8am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm go hear mass in our church too. every sunday up to june 7th.

thanks so much for those who has been supporting seven spice shop and black cow goodies


before the first ever..

first ever sunday sale, i was super busy preparing and finding time to really plan out what i will be doing to my booth.

i recently got in touch with our church's office and inquired how can my friend and i get a booth to sell some products. and there is a contract up to june that we will be selling every sunday. we can sell whatever we like. let me talk about the sunday sale later.

let's talk about what i have been cooking and doing. we ate at Max's recently. and that restaurant is such a feel good place. simple yet they have the best pinoy fried chicken that we all love.
my son and i joined my aunt who is from the US to eat our lunch there.

then i made honey buns. i got the recipe from happy home baker, it was ok, but then again, i wasn't really feeling it. i should do more breads soon. i should find time to focus on making bread.

we had kare kare (ox stew with vegetables and peanut sauce) also. with my uncle's bagoong (shrimp paste) very very good. nice home cooked meal.

than i bought sisig (grilled pig's face sauteed in onions and garlic and spices). don esteban's. it's a little joint along west avenue, quezon city. i have been wanting to taste their food. because their from lucban, quezon. and the sisig was very fine, crunchy fine. good buy for 120 pesos. and so many of it was served. that was really a fine lunch yesterday.


black cow goodies

this is my new baby. seven spice shop's new partner. since i am home based and a homebaker. i finally decided to launch a soft opening of my black cow goodies.

why black cow? i didn't want to use brown cow because that is a drink. i even saw a recipe for black cow drink which is similar to brown cow, and i think its better. rootbeer, chocolate syrup and ice cream. yummeeehhh! at first i wanted to call it, black cow pastries, but it doesn't really match. a chef friend told me, just use goodies instead. and so i did.

i didn't want to use seven spice shop for my baked goodies since that is only exclusive in supplying herbs and spices and teas and extracts and flavorings and cake stands.

so i made another affiliate, hence, now born, black cow goodies.

i made another site too for it and multiply has been a very good tool for marketing.

i made the logo just yesterday. and got a few feedbacks which is better. and that is the better logo. i am still waiting for my artist friend to finish all the logos i am asking from him. and hopefully before he comes back here in manila, it will be done. hehehehe!

i am offering 7 goodies, for now.

panna cottas, brownies, assorted cookies, letter cookies, fruit tarts, cheesecake pops, banana muffins.

it very heartwarming too that i am welcomed and got great homebaker friends to motivate me more to pursue this homebaking business.

thanks to all who greeted me and for continuing supporting seven spice shop.

and this sunday, a friend of mine and i will get a booth beside our church. this will be my first to really market my stuff out loud to the public. and alot of people goes to our church. i hope many will taste and buy my black cow goodies!

:) say MOOOOOOO for lots of goodies!


lunch today

i posted this at my multiply site
:) asking everybody, ano ulam? (what's your food?)

this is very pinoy.

ginisang munggo (sauteed mongo beans) with pork, i added crunchy bacon too, onions, garlic, and chili leaves. i didn't add tomatoes anymore, since it is super summer hot season here, i'd rather not. might spoil.

and sopas (soup and/or chicken noodle soup) i didn't have any chorizo around, so i used the pepperoni i got, garlic, onions, boiled chicken meat, carrots, celery, zucchini (usually there's cabbage but i didn't have that too) and chicken stock which i made from scratch.

:) my son loved it


black saturday lunch and joy ride and easter sunday dinner

*mango torte?

*corn jicama salad

*pesto potato salad

last black saturday lunch, i had a few friends who are my neighbors too over at our house, who were planning to practice driving. we had this sausage pasta that my friend made, i made corn jicama salad and mango torte.

then we practiced driving. well i didn't hahaha. then we had this super duper delicious fish balls that is being sold here in the grocery of our village. nothing can compare!

that wasn't the only highlight of the driving day, but also we all wanted to jog because we saw this ubod ng gwapo guy who jogs around the park. hahahahah we were all laughing our heads off! because one of my friends, was like, bibili na talaga ako ng running shoes! (i need to buy running shoes now!!! hahahaha! well as of today, we will start to jog around, maybe in the afternoon.


easter sunday, super busy because of my dinner with my old high school buddies and one came from canada. so i prepared chorizo parmesan spaghetti, my pesto potato salad that i really really loved! and the salmon fritata :) i also gave them a dose of my cheesecake pops and the mango torte too. one of my friends brought along embotido (pork roulade-some cold appetizer dish which is also my fave)

super duper fun! i am glad my friends enjoyed the dinner. they said it was like eating in a resto.
i should do this again. gives me lots of happy-ness.

more food photos here

*today's lunch is the yummy kare kare {ox stew with eggplants, green beans, and has ground peanuts, annatto seeds and the famous accompaniment, bagoong (shrimp paste)}


holy thursday bread making

baked goodies today were bacon twists, cheesecake pops and pizza!

:) i really like the outcome today with the help of charlene and anna, it was so much fun when friends are around to help, all of us three are homebakers and moms. these two are my closest friends in our homebaker's group, filipina homebakers online.

also today, my high school buddies arrived too, so i thought today was just going to be a plain, boring day, but it wasn't. friends surprising you a visit is one of the things i really love. my friends love me. hehehe and of course i love them too, so they had the pizza, the bacon twists and the cheesecake pops. and also the menudo(pork stew with potatoes, carrots, pickles, tomato sauce) and rice.

i also loved how the pizza came out and big portions of those bacon twists. thanks to happy home baking. we tested her recipes.

and also to foodbeam, for the recipe of cheesecake pops, i lessen the sugar so it wouldn't be that sweet.
those were a hit to the kids and to the non-kids. hahaha!

i am glad to have friends over. and thanks to them for being here with me, brightening up my boring holy thursday.


super easy choco chips

baked goodie of the day. choco chip cookies. which is super simple. i didn't even use the mixer. just my penguin spatula. aiming that it would be chewy, but it turned out chewy and little crunchy on the sides. you know what i mean. hehehe

tomorrow i might make vanilla cheesecake pops. looks like easy to make. i need to buy lollipop sticks tomorrow. or maybe i'll just use the coffee stirrers here. hehehe


mom's 50th

so here goes.

saturday night. i was in so much pain and let's say i was baking in hell. the victoria sponge cake of nigella, that i tested weeks ago, just didn't turn out right. but i did manage to make it into a cake. and i am proud of my swiss buttercream since it's not that sweet. my friend anna, made the B topper (my mom's name starts with a B) and the number 50 numbers. its not that wow looking cake. and i am not a cake maker. i really am not. so i'm just going to stick with the cookies and bars and desserts.

sunday morning. the big bash. never expected it would be so fun and chaotic as well. hahaha so many guests arrived, since we don't really do these kind of parties, but we invited everyone. it was my mom's 50th birthday and my folks' house warming party of our fairly new space.

after lunch i started with the potato gratin, my husband was incharge of the roast beef and port wine sauce and eventually, he was the one who baked the potato gratin. i just did the sauce and the assembly of it. but it was hell good.

the desserts that i did were the fruit tarts, namely the lime custard tart with strawberry on top and the cream cheese tart with grapes on top. these were fairly delicious. and of course my panna cottas with candied orange, orange wedges that was submerge in gin and my hazelnut brittle for toppings.

most guests even brought more cakes and tamales and other desserts.

i wish i could have taken more photos, i wasn't able to take a photo of my potato gratin, the cooked roast beef, my panna cottas and the other dishes which were provided by my friend, the caterer.
i was super busy catching up with old friends and family friends and relatives that i haven't seen for a long time.

the fruit tarts were all gone (that was around 100, i think). i still have a few panna cottas left (because i think i made 150 of those) and the cake i made, i threw it away. (it hurts) hahaha!

anyways, i am super tired. but it was all worth it. to be able to just spend the whole day with people i cherish most, my family and my friends.

*i won't be doing this again. but maybe on my son's birthday.

now i can concentrate back by improving my baked goods and will be making bread soon. i wanna sell some now. plus i want to make a cake again.
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