7th Manila Surfers Association Surfing Cup

For the first time, I was able to see what La Union is surfing all about. It was also the 7th Annual Manila Surfers Association Surfing Cup. “Para Sa’yo to Kid” is a reference to the Medical Mission for the kids of La Union that is to follow after the surf competition. Not only we get to surf, we also shared our blessings to the children.

I wasn't able to surf, because of this. Here are some surfing photography (beginner me!) 

Thank you so much Mark Crisinto and Mark Mabanag for lending me their lens. 

I will definitely go back. I miss surfing.


happy new year

sooooooooo late. i am so late.

new year's eve is my son's birthday!

hello 2012! 
its another year to make life brighter. and as i enter another timeline ( NOT facebook timeline, NO ) i wish to have more fun memories with my son and more adventures. i have been making a lot of progress especially on my photography and what i want 2012 to be.

i was supposed to fly out of the country when the new year came in, but it's not happening. i guess it is not yet the right time to leave my son and make more money outside the Philippines.  i was really expecting to gather more culinary experience and to explore a different culture and connect to the world. i felt sad but hey, isn't it more fun in the Philippines?!

gaining new friends is one other thing that moves our life. one of my closest friends, pretty much exposed me to who is behind Lokal Soul, Manila Surfers Association and making surfing trips happen. i won't forget my first ever surfing trip to Bagasbas in Daet, Camarines Norte. 10 hours drive, been there twice. I would definitely pay another visit this summer, bring the best gang and get some unforgettable waves.

this is Cemento!

recently was my first surfing trip for 2012, we went to Baler, Aurora. that's my second time to surf over there and was able to explore another spot which they call Cemento. the superb waves that day wasn't for me. i just took some satisfying shots off my camera. 

more surfing trips this year. and probably a mountain hike for me. and out of the country expeditions. to the best gang members, you know who you are.

to know more about MSA (local surfers group that shares the finest stoke) 
and LOKALSOUL (local surfing blog delight) just click their links away!




i feel guilty of its death.
damn beer spilled on it.
it was at Baler, Aurora, my recent trip to experience the surf and music festival.
and its final snaps are here.

rest in peace my good karma kamera. 

i am unhappy. i am sorry for being so clumsy.



Into The Wild Tour, Live in Manila, July 29, 2011

i missed some good bands who have reached Manila skies and showed us their stuff. like stone temple pilots, john mayer, etc.

first reason i cannot watch is, time, and second is money. i know some were worth the wait or surprisingly making a show here. among all the bands, 30 seconds to mars was the most exciting to see, because i knew it was jared leto's band.

i didn't think twice. but since i was pretty busy with this project i have been working on, and that the execution of the project was the day before the concert, i was still held up if i should buy a ticket or not. 

i bought the ticket on the day of the concert. 

the venue was just across our home. i would even hear the whole concert from here, but definitely won't see it.

kara is a fan, a close friend of mine and we both decided to go together. 

and then it began to rain. NON-STOP. we were drenched. we didn't care. everybody didn't care.

i still got some pretty takes from my lovely good karma kamera, LX-3. and i get see jared leto's lovely, ever so dreamy eyes.

thanks to the rain and to jared, tomo and shannon and the whole crew of 30 seconds to mars. 

i still can't believe i was at a concert like that, again.

one band i would really like to see who is already disbanded: SMASHING PUMPKINS

one band i would really like to see now here in the philippines: DAVE MATTHEWS BAND



These were my two entries for Invisible Photographer Asia's Street Photography Contest. 
Tried. But nobody from the Philippines got in.
I absolutely agree those 20 finalists deserved it!
Compared to my entries.
My friend said my captions are amazing. Well, that's what he said.
Better luck next time!

First Entry:
Actually this shot was taken by my friend/mentor
Using my LX-3, he accompanied me when I visited my grandmother in our old neighborhood.


This man often witness what is happening at this local card game here in our neighborhood. Every night of his old life, wishing to get some fortune. I'm clueless if he is the 'sakla' operator or just a by-stander or a player.
That is the street corner where people gather up regularly, just to get some luck. They wrap up when the sun is already shining towards their weary eyes.
The practice of gambling at a wake has been part of our culture. Sometimes, authorities don't bother breaking these 'sakla' games because the proceeds go to the mourning family to help pay for the burial.

Malabon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Taken: May 25, 2011 from my LX3

Second Entry:
This shot was taken by me. I joined our first ever photowalk for 2011 of my group in Flickr, Flickristasindios.


This is an activity which a person, or this kid has fallen off a boat into the water, although this is not an emergency situation. The kids of Manila, find leisure in their free time by getting a free fall. A big plunge, despite the dirty river. As long as they can have fun and dive in different forms possible.

Manila, Philippines

Taken: January 9, 2011 from my 5DMarkII


5 months passed

Due to my laziness, I forgot to update and check my blog since December 2010. My grandfather recently passed away and I haven't really been paying attention to everything around me.

Real statement: I am such an addict in micro blogging in my Tumblr and on Facebook.

I should go back to writing. I have a new "mentor", that's what I call him nowadays. He's been supportive in terms of my photography and the way I see things. I can't still say he's a gift from heaven, however I am learning a lot from him. Thank you, you know who you are.

I should be writing about the best group there is in the entire universe. I started writing on paper, though I should be writing it here. I'll make one entry about that. The history where it all started.

Recently, we started shooting my tattoo artist, Butch Rosca, about his works and life. We are going to be working on his AVP soon. I can't wait to work and practice my skills in editing and making story board and writing.
Although it's a bit wrong timing, because I have no help. I am a slave at my own home and there will be a big adjustment for my son because he's transferring now to a bigger school that will paved his way until high school. I don't think I will be transferring him anymore. That would be another orientation. I want consistency.

There were so many trips, shoots, and happy endings for the past 5 months. Now it's time to get serious, i guess. I will be more active in here, bringing back the habit. A better habit.

I am so grateful for the half year of my 2011. I have met a lot of people, establishing myself in photography, intensifying my portfolio,and just grabbing the opportunities that makes me exceptionally happy.

Should I say countless writings coming soon?

To sum it all up in photos what happened during the past 5 months...


my official flyer

thanks so much brian sergio

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