burfday month

it's been fun to shoot with this big client of mine, i have been doing food styling as a side job. yesterday was a success, all 30 dishes were shot. and they were good to eat too. i am not the old school food stylist who uses motor oil or other artificial products. it's been very rewarding also to see my previous work put up on a poster and print ads. and it's worth it also being paid to do this. hehehe

i can't post what i did, but i will soon. or maybe you can see them in major supermarkets or magazines and on their website. will feature that soon.


february 6th. i had a big blast for my burfday. i don't really celebrate my burfday but this year was different. everybody came. the people who loves me truly. thanks to everybody who made me feel happy on my birthday.

february 7th. i treated my family out for dinner. then after i had videoke with my friends and they brought me to a place i never been to. not going to tell where! hahahaha! after 27 years of my life, my eyes were devirginized!

february 8th. my real birthday. it was a monday, so i was at work, ordinary day to work but some of my students surprised me, one gave me a balloon, so sweet of her. and a group of students came up to me and gave me a strawberry cake with a candle on it. so so sooooo sweet of them! thank you for making me feel special.

good family, good friends, good life, feel the love. (naxxx! yiheeee!)


tomorrow, after 4 years of not being able to go out of town, i will finally indulge myself. my girlfriends and i will be going to zambales. we have been planning this for a very long time. it was supposed to be my burfday get away. the first plan was calaguas, an island in camarines norte, but we decided to go to a nearer destination. calaguas will come next. maybe at a later part of the summer season. i can't wait to go! i can't wait to shoot nature at its best!

see you all soon! i'm so excited!

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