happy new year

sooooooooo late. i am so late.

new year's eve is my son's birthday!

hello 2012! 
its another year to make life brighter. and as i enter another timeline ( NOT facebook timeline, NO ) i wish to have more fun memories with my son and more adventures. i have been making a lot of progress especially on my photography and what i want 2012 to be.

i was supposed to fly out of the country when the new year came in, but it's not happening. i guess it is not yet the right time to leave my son and make more money outside the Philippines.  i was really expecting to gather more culinary experience and to explore a different culture and connect to the world. i felt sad but hey, isn't it more fun in the Philippines?!

gaining new friends is one other thing that moves our life. one of my closest friends, pretty much exposed me to who is behind Lokal Soul, Manila Surfers Association and making surfing trips happen. i won't forget my first ever surfing trip to Bagasbas in Daet, Camarines Norte. 10 hours drive, been there twice. I would definitely pay another visit this summer, bring the best gang and get some unforgettable waves.

this is Cemento!

recently was my first surfing trip for 2012, we went to Baler, Aurora. that's my second time to surf over there and was able to explore another spot which they call Cemento. the superb waves that day wasn't for me. i just took some satisfying shots off my camera. 

more surfing trips this year. and probably a mountain hike for me. and out of the country expeditions. to the best gang members, you know who you are.

to know more about MSA (local surfers group that shares the finest stoke) 
and LOKALSOUL (local surfing blog delight) just click their links away!

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