These were my two entries for Invisible Photographer Asia's Street Photography Contest. 
Tried. But nobody from the Philippines got in.
I absolutely agree those 20 finalists deserved it!
Compared to my entries.
My friend said my captions are amazing. Well, that's what he said.
Better luck next time!

First Entry:
Actually this shot was taken by my friend/mentor
Using my LX-3, he accompanied me when I visited my grandmother in our old neighborhood.


This man often witness what is happening at this local card game here in our neighborhood. Every night of his old life, wishing to get some fortune. I'm clueless if he is the 'sakla' operator or just a by-stander or a player.
That is the street corner where people gather up regularly, just to get some luck. They wrap up when the sun is already shining towards their weary eyes.
The practice of gambling at a wake has been part of our culture. Sometimes, authorities don't bother breaking these 'sakla' games because the proceeds go to the mourning family to help pay for the burial.

Malabon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Taken: May 25, 2011 from my LX3

Second Entry:
This shot was taken by me. I joined our first ever photowalk for 2011 of my group in Flickr, Flickristasindios.


This is an activity which a person, or this kid has fallen off a boat into the water, although this is not an emergency situation. The kids of Manila, find leisure in their free time by getting a free fall. A big plunge, despite the dirty river. As long as they can have fun and dive in different forms possible.

Manila, Philippines

Taken: January 9, 2011 from my 5DMarkII

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