the second sunday sale

what i offered were mini pavlovas, my fruit tarts, mini cookies, mini orange poppy seed muffins, banana muffins and apple cinnamon muffins. also our tinapang bangus (smoked fish) and that rellenong bangus (stuffed milkfish).

it wasn't as good as the first sunday sale, but i got new customers. i guess it wasn't that good because not much people passed by. but then again, it didn't rain at all. thank God for that!

this past week has been very busy and very overwhelming for me.

this coming May is going to be the busiest month for me this early part of the year. i got some orders this May and i have been getting alot of inquiries.

this monday i have an interview with my most favorite chef.
tuesday, i might be doing a big wedding dessert buffet which hasn't confirmed yet.
wednesday, i might be doing more than fifty chocolate cupcakes for a birthday of a friend.

friday, i have to bring my son at this summer workshop which will run on all fridays of May then after the workshop, i have to get going to my speaking test of IELTS.

the next day, saturday will be the written exam of IELTS.
and of course, i have every weekend for my sunday sale up to June.

a busy week ahead of me.
and busy busy busy May. i am excited and ovewhelmed but fulfilling.
thanks to all who are helping me out and supporting
my little shop.

1 comment:

Tangled Noodle said...

Wow! You've got a full plate of events and activities. Best of luck with all of them - but judging from these great treats, I know you'll do great!

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