mom's 50th

so here goes.

saturday night. i was in so much pain and let's say i was baking in hell. the victoria sponge cake of nigella, that i tested weeks ago, just didn't turn out right. but i did manage to make it into a cake. and i am proud of my swiss buttercream since it's not that sweet. my friend anna, made the B topper (my mom's name starts with a B) and the number 50 numbers. its not that wow looking cake. and i am not a cake maker. i really am not. so i'm just going to stick with the cookies and bars and desserts.

sunday morning. the big bash. never expected it would be so fun and chaotic as well. hahaha so many guests arrived, since we don't really do these kind of parties, but we invited everyone. it was my mom's 50th birthday and my folks' house warming party of our fairly new space.

after lunch i started with the potato gratin, my husband was incharge of the roast beef and port wine sauce and eventually, he was the one who baked the potato gratin. i just did the sauce and the assembly of it. but it was hell good.

the desserts that i did were the fruit tarts, namely the lime custard tart with strawberry on top and the cream cheese tart with grapes on top. these were fairly delicious. and of course my panna cottas with candied orange, orange wedges that was submerge in gin and my hazelnut brittle for toppings.

most guests even brought more cakes and tamales and other desserts.

i wish i could have taken more photos, i wasn't able to take a photo of my potato gratin, the cooked roast beef, my panna cottas and the other dishes which were provided by my friend, the caterer.
i was super busy catching up with old friends and family friends and relatives that i haven't seen for a long time.

the fruit tarts were all gone (that was around 100, i think). i still have a few panna cottas left (because i think i made 150 of those) and the cake i made, i threw it away. (it hurts) hahaha!

anyways, i am super tired. but it was all worth it. to be able to just spend the whole day with people i cherish most, my family and my friends.

*i won't be doing this again. but maybe on my son's birthday.

now i can concentrate back by improving my baked goods and will be making bread soon. i wanna sell some now. plus i want to make a cake again.


buccino said...

we should've cut the cake

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

we shouldn't.
i'll make you a cake soon.

Hornsfan said...

what a beautiful feast, i'm sure it was perfect for the party!

Tangled Noodle said...

Oh, I wish I were invited! 8-) Your mother's 50th birthday party looks like it was beyond delicious!

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

thanks thanks thanks

wush you were here so you could criticize me hehe

SoCal Pastry Chef said...

these all look so good. Sorry you had to throw away the cake... I hate it when that happens. Glad to hear you had a great time... next time... snap pics first.. then chat :)

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

thanks so much
yeah i should focus. i got so much guests. we rarely do this. hahahaha

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