what's in my oven?

ok i wasn't able to blog about my event last weekend, march 21st. it was my homebakers' group meet up for the first quarter of 2009. it was called baked photography day. because i decided to share food photography tips and food styling. i invited my friend, master ricky ladia, and even red posion to join. there were lots of food and lots of stuff to do. he thought us so many and was even down on their knees asking how to adjust the settings of their cameras. after that we shoot some baked goods, obviously my pannacotta, my pavlova and my thumbprint cookies. there were others too who shared some of their goodies. like these cupcakes and this cheesecake. and this choco caramel cake.

and i was so heartwarming for everyone who tasted my pavlova and panna cotta and thumbprint cookies, and their feedback was everything was so good. and they had so much to learn from the photography workshop. and that they enjoyed the meetup.

it was a fun filled day! i will always remember it.

this coming may, it will be our anniversary meetup. another member is organizing it. can't wait for that one. what will i share to them? can you suggest? maybe bread?


this has been my photos inside my oven

today i tried to test the lemon pound cake recipe. and i didn't like what happend to it. so i threw it away. hehe!

and then i made lemon sugar cookies, cut it into a letter B (my mom's name starts with a B), because this will be the give away to the guests on my mom's upcoming 50th birthday. april 5th. same birthday as the president of the philippines. my son and i will decorate these, as soon as i get 50 plus cookies cooled and ready for decorating. my son will enjoy that!

also not only the B cookies, i still have to make tiny fruit tarts, tiny choco mousse tarts, and maybe tiny pavlovas and panna cottas. also different toppings for the panna cotta. and cutout fruit platter or maybe skewer them, that would look nicer.

i need to make potato gratin too for the roast beef. and i will be roasting the beef. and the gravy and herbed butter. a close friend will cater the other foods to be shared on my mom's bday. we are expecting all our relatives and friends to come over. we don't really plan parties. this will be a big one.
and i hope they'll like my food and the effort i will be putting on this.


Hornsfan said...

looks like some terrific treats were baked up!

Tangled Noodle said...

Those are some amazing baked goods you've conjured up! I hope you'll post pics of your mom's b-day cookies later.

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

thanks guys!

yeah, later my son will help me decorate the B cookies

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