moved and my kitchen showcase

*display kitchen

*dirty kitchen

i haven't been online for awhile. was just using my celphone to check my mails. anyways, even if i posted that my online shop is closed until further notice, clients and inquiries kept on coming in. such blessings.

and so now i am back. got my laptop charger and our dsl connection today. and finally i can blog blog blog and edit edit edit all my price lists and my site. seven spice shop is up and running again even if i still have so much to do.

i finally moved in. and i still do not have a nanny. which is kinda frustrating because each day i have to clean the house, take care of my kid and walk the dogs, and cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. me, the husband and my son are the ones staying here at my folks. my folks are still moving their stuff. they haven't settled in.

i kinda run this household. i am responsible for this house. anyways, i just wanna share our new space, of course my favorite spot, the kitchen. i took a photo of it before i put all my stuff. i'll take a photo by today to see how dirty it is now hehehehehe!

i already posted my oven before. and now this. and some parts of the house.
thanks to everyone who has been supporting me along the way, especially my folks.

from this day on, i have been really busy organizing and cleaning. plus getting my act together and getting ready to bake again. i can't wait. a lot has been waiting for the time i can share my stuff from my kitchen.
and now i can finally do it.

about finding work in a hotel, i might work soon in a hotel somewhere in manila. hopefully by the end of march, and before that happens, i should have a nanny by then.

haaaaaaaaaaaaaay. so much to do.

for all my clients, thanks for supporting seven spice shop more!


Tangled Noodle said...

Congratulations on your move and your return to the blogosphere! The kitchen looks great.

isi said...

thanks so much much
i can;t wait to bake!

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