jason berwick

*beetroot linguine*by jason berwick

when i first joined flickr, jason berwick was the first one i encountered. since i am into food photography, he has been one in a million food photographers i really, really, really admire.

i even had a few emails with him, i am such a fan.
he had shown me so much creativity and openess in food photography. he maybe far away but he has been touching my eyes in such awe because of how he treats food styling at its best.
i never seen some of his ingredients in his photos in real life. since he came back from not posting alot to share in flickr, i was so surprised about these pink pine nuts. i have never seen pink pine nute in my entire life! also the beetroot linguini, that's so cool!

*pink pine nuts*by jason berwick

i hope he compiles every photo he got in one book, and i will definitely buy that book! if only he accepts apprenticeship, i would gladly to join in, just so i will get all his tips in food photography. hehehe! he is a chef too, by the way.


SoCal Pastry Chef said...

Since I love your blog... I've left this award for you. Pick it up here...

... and thanks.

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

hey you! thanks so so so much! i used my other account to sign in your blog!
i'll pass this on now

Kang at Londoneater.com said...

Im into food photography too and berwick's work looks wow!

thanks for the share :)

kang at http://londoneater.com

evil and demented little cooker girl said...

thanks so much kang

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