mango butterscotch heaven!

yes! its true! i am in butterscotch heaven!

i went to guimaras for the first time when i was in college with a couple of friends and my family. it was our first time to go on a vacation in the visayas region and we have relatives in iloilo, so we decided to go to guimaras as well. my dad has a friend over there too. and we all know guimaras is the place where we can get the best mangoes in the whole universe! i will always remember our trip there! and we have been there twice and we will always remember the food trips we had there! such fun and luck we had! i recommend guimaras to be one of the best places to unwind and to stay for a long, quiet, get away. and that is where i first tasted mango butterscotch. and i remember i only got one box of it. it was made by a monastery there we visited, they got this store full of mango goodies. from mango wine and dried mangoes and other goodies made from their famous mangoes.

from that point on, i was in search of other mango butterscotch makers. and i discovered miss joyce aragon's mango butterscotch at one of the baker's dozen events at rockwell mall in makati.

its like i have been eating these for the past month, i have been craving and craving, and i can't stop eating it!!! i am getting huge!!! due to this holiday season plus discovering these best treats in town! miss joyce's butterscotch wonders are in variety as well, she also got cashew and choco oatmeal butterscotch. very reasonable prices! so chewy and soft and i really love the sweetness and saltiness in these little bites. i really can't get enough of it. sorry, they really are my favorite!

to know more about miss joyce's products

please visit her multiply site
Joyce's Homemade Foods http://joycearagonfoods.multiply.com/
contact her at this number (632) 853-0129

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